5 Things All Muslim Parents have to do in Islam

5 Things All Muslim Parents have to do in Islam

5 Things All Muslim Parents have to do in Islam Becoming a good parent is not an easy task. You are fully responsible for the mental, emotional and physical well-being and education of your child from the moment of birth. This responsibility is as Muslim parent. Because your greatest duty as a Muslim parent is to make sure your children understand correct Islamic beliefs. The Prophet on his deathbed ﷺ (Sararaf Aleich Wasalam) was particularly concerned about how his family worshiped Allah and practiced Islam after his death.

Below are five guidelines that Muslim parents should follow.

1. Make a dua for your child:

Parental Dua for kids never goes unanswered. Creating a duo for your child is the most powerful way that parents can ensure the guidance and spiritual well-being of their child. As mentioned in the hadith:

“Three duas are not rejected. Father dua, traveler dua, oppressed dua” (Tirmidi, Abdaud).

The mother’s dua is equally accepted and powerful. Parents should have a daily habit of turning to Allah and begging Him to protect and guide their children. You can make a dua for your child in any language as long as it is sincere. As mere creations, we do not have the power to change or guide the mental states of our children. Only the Almighty has the power to change your mind and give the ultimate guide.

2. Educate your child:

Doing a dua for your child is powerful but requires human effort. Parents should make sure they provide their children with at least basic Islamic knowledge. All Muslims need to know purification, read the Qur’an and Sara’s basic Fiqh (rules). Parents should also inform their children of what is prohibited and allowed, as mentioned in the Quran. By doing so, you allow them to carry out Allah’s orders and achieve joy from him.

3. Teach your child Islamic manners:

It is very important for parents to teach their children the Islamic way of life, which consists of patience, forgiveness, kindness, respect, humility, morals of gratitude and manners. The duty of parents is to raise children who grow up, become positive and contribute to society. Parents regularly strive to give their children these values by establishing weekly Talim study sessions, based on books, to explain the virtues of good behavior in our homes and communities. I have to keep doing it. The famous collection of hadiths Fada’il al-A’mal is one such book that can be used for this purpose.

4. Parents must commit to aggressive strengthening at home:

The best way for parents to instill Islamic etiquette in their children is to practice the good things that you preach to them and set an example. Children learn to imitate all the behaviors of their parents. When a child sees her parents adhere to the modest Islamic dress code, the child also imitates those good habits.

Similarly, if a child sees her parents hurt others and uses dirty words, the child will do the same. Parents should take their children to their workplaces and volunteer places so that they can learn from their behavior. 5 Things All Muslim Parents have to do in Islam

5: Parents need to deepen their ties with their children:

Perhaps the most important element of a parent-child relationship is the bond that connects them. This bond is more than educating, feeding, and dressing children. Parents should provide their children with constant love, encouragement, and support. Contrary to the example of the Prophet ﷺ (Sararaf Aleich Wasalam), it corrupts children and makes them strict.

Parents should not pressure their children beyond their capabilities, especially on religious matters. You must present Islam with love to your children so that they really want to practice the Islamic teachings of their free will.

Anas Ibn Malik (Allaah is pleased with him) served the Prophet ﷺ (Salalahu Alaihi Wasalam) for 10 years, and he never had the opportunity to spend 10 years with the Prophet ﷺ (Salalahu Alaihi Wasalam). Strict with him or scolded him. The Prophet ﷺ (Sararaf Aleich Wasalam) captured the hearts of the children with the kindness and compassion with which they spoke.

The Prophet ﷺ (Sararaf Aleich Wasalam) should also have humor with children and remind their parents of the importance of having fun with them. The obligations of parents are not only to educate and discipline their children, but also to be friends who, like any other friend, are there to support their children, as they are there to meet their needs … Parents must participate in Fun and legitimate activities with your children, such as sports activities like swimming, archery, and hiking. By doing this, I hope to capture children’s hearts and spend time with them. 5 Things All Muslim Parents have to do in Islam

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