Basic Guide to Modding a Seiko Watch

Best Basic Guide to Modding a Seiko Watch. Modding is the reproduction and revamping of your fantasy watch. Authorities can adjust their watch into their ideal plan. They can change the lashes, dials, and surprisingly the precious stones and hands of their watch.

Among numerous different brands, there is one that can go through modding. It is a Japanese brand known as Seiko. Since most pieces of the watch are accessible on the lookout, this brand permits you to modify them.

Assuming you are a watch modder, you would realize that Seiko watches are adaptable for modding.

Fun Fact: Seiko makes each and every piece of the watch. This is an extraordinary accomplishment contrasted with different brands of watches on the lookout.

Modding Option

Assuming you are new, you may imagine that modding is confounded and may consume quite a bit of your time. Yet, don’t worry since there are developing networks of modders on the web. You can acquire thoughts from them.

Here are a few well-known networks:

  • Chronomania
  • Modderiet (Facebook Group)
  • Seiko Mods (Facebook Group)
  • Seiko Watch Club of the Philippines (Facebook Group)
  • Reddit/r/SeikoMods/
  • The Japanese Watch Discussion
  • TZ-UK
  • UhrForum
  • Watchuseek Seiko

Ways Of adjusting Your Seiko Watch

With regards to modding, the following are two different ways that you can do to redo your Seiko watch:

Full Overhaul

With a full upgrade, you can alter your watch as special and as particular as you need. You can make an exquisite and upscale watch utilizing the joined parts from different brands and models. A Seiko SNK809 can be redone with dials and lashes from a Rolex Explorer.

The main constraint to these great adjustments is your creative mind. Concerning Seiko watches, you can find the parts anyplace.

Inconspicuous and Classic

On the off chance that you are a laid-back sort of individual, negligible changes may be the one you want. You can pick an easier shading or change the bezel, artistic bezel additions, and precious stones.

You may likewise pick the best hand tones to transform it. Slight changes can as of now influencing the whole look of your watch.

Required Tools

Prior to modding your watch, you want specific devices and hardware. These can be purchased at the home improvement shop, and you might even have a portion of these.

Here is the rundown of devices:

  • Gloves or Finger Cots
  • Case Back Remover
  • Precious stone Presser
  • Cleaning Putty
  • Hand Remover
  • Hand Setter
  • Dust Blower
  • Toothpicks
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Gorilla Tape

There are gatherings online that can assist you with tweaking your Seiko watch. They give simple-to-follow depictions.

Steps to Modify Your Seiko Watch

This instructional exercise gives you the fundamental stages on the best way to adjust your Seiko watch.

Stage 1: Remove the lash first. To make it happen, you need to pack the ribs on your stock lash then, at that point, delicately haul it out.

Stage 2: The following thing you want to do is to open the situation back by utilizing a case opener. The development of your watch is currently uncovered, so you should watch out.

Stage 3: The third step is to eliminate the crown and stem. Tenderly push the switch with a toothpick. In the wake of eliminating the crown and stem, you can now jab the development out of the packaging.

Stage 4: Next advance is to adjust and eliminate hands. Put every one of the hands in a similar course. Then, at that point, utilize a hand remover to pull them hard and fast together.

Stage 5: Next, eliminate the dial. Utilizing a flathead screwdriver, lift the stock dial from the plastic section.

Stage 6: Once you are finished eliminating the dial, supplant it with another one. Adjust the enhanced one to the openings on the plastic section and fix it solidly.

Stage 7: Next, supplant the hands. Put the hour hand first, then, at that point, set it in one heading. Hold it down with the tweezers. Then, at that point, place the moment hand in a similar bearing as the hour hand.

Stage 8: After putting the hour and moment hands in a single course, you can now put the second’s hand. Ensure that the hands are firm and precise.

Stage 9: Replace the gem utilizing a gem evacuation apparatus. Push the stock gem out, then, at that point, change it with another precious stone.

Stage 10: The last advance is to return the crown and stem. Press the development solidly back into the case, then, at that point, interface the tie.

Mod Specialists

Assuming you are reluctant to do the adjustments all alone, you can purchase Seiko watches that are as of now changed by respectable organizations. You may likewise contact mod experts who will assist you with your alteration.

Proficient Watchmakers

To look for proficient administrations, you might contact proficient watchmakers to adjust your Seiko watch. Basic Guide to Modding a Seiko Watch


Watch modding can be an interesting encounter. You can place upgrades on your watch as per your style. Notwithstanding, modding needs persistence. It likewise requires proper devices and hardware to concoct an impeccably altered watch. Basic Guide to Modding a Seiko Watch

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