How to Convert Pages to Docx

How to Convert Pages to Docx

How to Convert Pages to Docx

How to Convert Pages to Docx. The Microsoft Word archive design is widely utilized in instructive and corporate workplaces, particularly in Windows working frameworks. Then again, Pages is a word handling programming for MAC.

In spite of the fact that you can utilize Microsoft Word on a MAC, most MAC clients pick Pages. “Pages” is great; in any case, issues emerge when a record should be changed over to Docx. You’d deal with a similar issue while changing over from pdf to pages design.

In Pages, you can open reports made in MS Word however you can’t open .pages records in Word archives. In this way, on the off chance that you’ve gotten a .pages document yet, you need to connect the .doc record to an email, then, at that point, you’ll need to change over .pages record to .docx record.

“Pages” presently comes free with any new MAC or iOS gadget. On the off chance that you have a more established firm, we prescribe that you update to the most current form that has the most recent highlights. The refreshed variant of Pages will guarantee further developed similarity while changing over them into a .docx design.

We’ll figure out how to change over a Pages record into a Word archive on MAC, iPhone, and iPad.

How to Convert Pages File to Word File on MAC

The way toward changing over Pages document to Word record on MAC is equivalent to it is on Windows. Follow the means referenced beneath to change over on MAC.

Assuming you need to save another Pages report as a word record, then, at that point open Pages on MAC and make another archive. Nonetheless, assuming you need to change over a current record, essentially open that report.

Go to File – pick Export To – and select Word from the menu list.

Another window screen will show up on the screen. Here, select Advanced Options

From that point, you’ll have the choice to change over the Pages document into your favored record design. It gives two alternatives: .docx organization or .doc design. .docx design is viable with the most recent adaptations of Microsoft Office and Word.

.doc is viable with more established forms of Microsoft Office or Word. In the wake of picking the favored configuration, click Next.

Pages will save a record to a .docx design as it is the latest one.

Snap Next and pick where you need to save the change over the .docx record.

Snap-on Export to finish the transformation.

Despite the fact that you have changed over a Pages record into a Word archive, you can generally open it and alter the report utilizing Pages on MAC. A duplicate of that record is saved as a .docx design.

Your recently changed over Word archive, either in .doc or .docx design, is saved any place you determined.

Generally, the Pages application will change over into Word records effectively, with no additional endeavors. The changed-over archive will open without occurrence in Microsoft Word and seem to be like the .pages document.

On the off chance that the recently made Word record doesn’t appear to be identical, it is because of very good quality arranging. One-of-a-kind text styles, utilization of emoticon, or adapted ASCII, and unique characters that are utilized simply by Pages application or MAC OS will have the effect. Such one-of-a-kind qualities in the Pages record won’t be saved when changed over into a Word report.

You’ll not face such issues in case it’s a basic content, substantial archive, or a report, and the changed-over document should work proficiently in Microsoft Office both on MAC and a Windows OS.

Hence, it is fundamental to make documents utilizing normalized and basic altering textual styles that are accessible at all stages. You can abstain from utilizing complex organizing and altering qualities at whatever point conceivable. How to Convert Pages to Docx

How to Convert Pages File to Word File on iPhone or iPad

Changing over a Pages record to Word Document on iPhone or iPad is quite simple and direct.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Pages application.

Assuming you need another record, feel free to make one. Assuming you need to change over a current record, open that archive.

There is a “… ” symbol on the upper right corner of the word processor. Tap on that symbol.

A menu will show up with various alternatives. Pick Export.

Distinctive record designs are offered to you to trade the Pages report. Pick Word design as we mean to change over to that organization.

When a favored arrangement is chosen, you can save the archive to the Files envelope, duplicate the report, or send it to individuals through email, SMS, or different stages.

On MAC, you will pick among .doc and .docx designs. In any case, on the iPhone or iPad, it’ll consequently change the record over to a .docx. These days the vast majority utilize the most recent adaptation of Word on cell phones, it offers straightforwardness and effortlessness.

We talked about changing over Pages records into Word archives on MAC and iPhone or iPad. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you are a Windows client and you need to change over Pages records into a Word archive on a Windows PC.

This is what you can do.

How to Convert Pages File to Word File on Windows PC

This strategy is anything but a direct method of changing over a Pages record to a Word archive on the Windows framework. It is a filthy workaround and a speedy method to do it.

  • Download the pages document on your Windows framework.
  • Once downloaded, pick the choice of renaming the .pages document.
  • While saving the document, change the .pages design with .zip. The document is currently saved in a compressed record.
  • Open the compressed document and you’ll track down another organizer named Quicklook in it.
  • Open the Quicklook organizer where your record is saved under the name of Preview.pdf.
  • This implies that your document is changed over in the pdf design.

In case you’re utilizing Windows 7, you should download a free pdf peruser like Adobe Reader to see the document. For Windows 8 or later, you gain admittance to an inherent pdf peruser.

You can open the Preview.pdf document and check in the event that it has got all the content. In case it’s all acceptable, duplicate the whole content. Hold the Ctrl key and press A to choose all. Then, at that point, hold the Ctrl catch and press C to duplicate it.

Glue the replicated content in a Word report. Open another Word report and glue the substance by holding down the Ctrl key and squeezing V. The whole substance will be replicated.

Save the report. It will be saved in a .docx or .doc design. This interaction is by all accounts monotonous, yet it merits the work. How to Convert Pages to Docx


Changing over a Pages record to a Word archive on any framework or gadget is very straightforward. On account of innovation, progressed highlights are offered in all work circles. How to Convert Pages to Docx

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