How to Make the Study of Islam More Attractive to Our Young

How to Make the Study of Islam More Attractive to Our Young. You may not have heard this quote from a famous 4th century BC Greek philosopher, but most of us quote it as part of the school curriculum as we grow up. You may have learned some of them. For many educational systems around the world, the proverbs of Aristotle, Socrates, and Pythagoras, centuries before the birth of the prophet Essa (Alaihimu Salam), are still worth studying.

However, the way that many Islamic societies teach our young people knowledge of Islam does not necessarily reflect that approach. While everything in life will change one day, there are great constants in the way we teach Islam to our children.

The reason for this is very simple. Western thinkers use ancient sayings dating back more than 25 centuries, but Islamic education has mainly been limited to memorizing the poems of the Qur’an and the hadith of the holy prophet Muhammad (Salaraf Araihiwasalam). Again, there is still a lot of demand for the approach we use to teach that sacred knowledge.

We teach Islam to our children the way their parents taught us how. Undoubtedly, no matter how long the humanities have been on the surface of the earth, the holy texts of the Quran and the prophetic sayings of our Master Muhammad (Sararaf Araihiwasalam) will never change. No matter what, we do not support text changes. What we advocate is the activation of pedagogy so that our youth can be more inspired to learn Dean.

To further this discussion, a quote from one of our Ummah thinkers, Ali Ibn Abu Talib (Radiyalahu Anhu), helps us better understand the problem. How to Make the Study of Islam More Attractive to Our Young
See the wisdom of Imam Ali! Why can’t we learn from his sayings or the sayings of other thinkers like Imam Ghazali? Why can’t we approach the teachings of Islam once in a different way so that our young people are fascinated by our rich heritage?

Islamic education transcends during the five daily prayers. It is certainly not limited to what is halal and what is halal. Islamic education must reflect the purpose that Dean revealed. We need to emphasize the fact that Islam is not a mechanical religion, but a complete code of conduct.

Therefore, we must take a different approach to the teachings of Islamic studies. In a world where Hollywood actors and media personalities are considered role models, children must learn about the heroes of different Islamic personalities, both old and new generations. Lessons on the life of Sarah Dinh and other great Muslim personalities will be a good start. How to Make the Study of Islam More Attractive to Our Young

Let’s revitalize the Islamic center of the neighborhood. Let us make the center of Islam the magnet of society that it should be. So organize an event that promotes family activities and Islamic lifestyles. In this way we can truly pass on Islamic knowledge to our youth. Remember that one day Allah asks for a guardian for our family. He is preparing you for the meeting now!

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