Process of Rekeying VS Changing Locks

Process of Rekeying vs Changing Locks

Process of Rekeying VS Changing Locks

Process of Rekeying VS Changing Locks At the point when you have issues with your entryway locks and keys, it is ideal to decide on an answer straight away. Now and again, an answer could be pretty much as basic as rekeying by changing the way into a more current and better one, and on different occasions, the arrangement could require changing the entire lock framework.

Along these lines, it is pivotal to examine and pick the most ideal alternative. Be that as it may, how can somebody settle on the most common way of rekeying versus changing locks? The accompanying areas disclose which answer for selection and in what circumstance.

Distinction Between the Process of Rekeying versus Changing Locks

Rekeying a lock just intends to substitute the more seasoned keys with a fresh-out-of-the-box new better arrangement of keys while keeping the old lock at its place. This additionally implies that the internal capacity of the old lock has likewise been changed to coordinate with the edges of the new keys. Consequently, by changing the inward springs and pins of the locks, locksmiths rekey locks.

Then again, changing locks mean the entire lock must be eliminated from the entryway, and the component and deadbolts must be taken out by the locksmiths to supplant them with a fresh-out-of-the-box new framework. At times, the entire lock is simply eliminated and supplanted with another fresh-out-of-the-box new and special working lock.

When to Rekey Locks

The method involved with rekeying locks is basic and can be very practical, which is the reason a great many people pick this arrangement. In any case, judge your circumstance and choose whether rekeying locks would be a shrewd decision or not. Here are a few conditions when you ought to pick the rekeying locks choice over changing them-

  • At the point when you have lost your keys and have definitely no clue about the keys’ whereabouts, you ought to decide to simply rekey the locks instead of changing the entire lock.
  • At the point when you have moved into another home, you may consider changing the locks of the house. However, that isn’t extremely important. As you don’t know who has the keys of the locks, basically change the keys by rekeying the locks, with the goal that old keys don’t work any longer.
  • In circumstances like separation or partition, you might have given the lock keys to someone else, and presently you don’t need that individual to go into your home. You can just rekey the locks as opposed to changing the entire lock. Rekeying locks is sufficient when you’re attempting to forestall a third individual who has the lock keys from going into your home.
  • In the event that the locks are of a similar brand or have a similar keyhole, and you have various keys for various locks in the house, it is successful to change the keys to coordinate with one single key. To do this, locksmiths will just rekey your locks and change the inward capacity of the locks to coordinate with one remarkable key. Process of Rekeying vs Changing Locks

When to Change Locks

Changing the entire lock of the entryway is needed in significantly more genuine cases. Supplanting the whole lock may be costly, yet it is undeniably safer. You should hope to change the entire lock-in circumstances like underneath

  • When there is a robbery or break-in in your home and the lock has been broken, you ought to quickly look to change the whole lock to a more up-to-date and substantially more secure framework.
  • At the point when the past locks are old, corroded, and have been utilized for a long time, it is encouraged to move to a spic and span and refreshed security lock framework.
  • On the off chance that you have moved to another spot and need to move up to the most recent security framework, it is prescribed to change every one of the locks of each entryway of the house. It very well might be very costly yet helpful over the long haul.
  • In business workplaces, change the whole locks to a new arrangement of redesigned security frameworks in the midst of examination or after a calamitous mishap happened inside the structure.
  • Assuming you need every one of the locks to work with the one key and the locks is of various brands, it is needed to change the whole locks to one single remarkable brand.


The continuous discussion of the method involved with rekeying versus changing locks is endless, as picking one over the other is troublesome work. However, one ought to be cautious in choosing which one is better compared to the next.

There are circumstances where the most common way of changing locks is required and could be less expensive than rekeying the locks. It is encouraged to require some investment to see every arrangement and counsel experts in figuring out which arrangement is best reasonable for yourself and your home. Process of Rekeying vs Changing Locks

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