Read the Quran

Read the Quran

Read the Quran

Read the Quran Narrated Aisha (RA): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Anyone who chants the Qur’an and learns it from the bottom of his heart will be with the noble secretary of justice (in heaven). And such a person strives for memorizing the Qur’an and chanting it with great difficulty, and you get a double reward. “

(Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 65, Hadith 4937)

When was the last time he chose a copy of the Quran? Even better, when was the last time he opened the Quran on his mobile phone? If you are like a lot of Muslims busy with life and work, you may not even remember when you last visited the Quran.

Imagine that you are offering Sarah or doing something very important. Suddenly, a buzzing sound appears on the phone indicating an incoming message. How worried are you to finish what you are doing to see the content of the message? You will definitely want to rush through whatever you are doing to see your “new” message.

Do you treat the authors’ messages with the utmost respect they deserve? Do we always want to look up the next verse and then eagerly look up the next verse to get closer to the phone message? If not, what happened to us?

In many homes, the Quran is nothing more than a decorative item. It is placed in a conspicuous place on the table or shelf so that visitors can make sure they have a copy of the Quran. Download the Koran app, but tap on all the other icons on your phone. But why are we lost in the world?

The Quran is the compass of humanity. Life on earth is a journey, and the Quran is the guide for this journey. It is the path we must take, the food we must carry alone, how to avoid danger and stay safe throughout our journey to arrive at our destination as a winner rather than a loser.

Despite all its importance, how much do you really remember the Quran? Taking into account the 60 hizbu (division) of the Quran, how many hizbs did you memorize? Muslims! When was the last time you tried to memorize a Seurat? We really say that we love Janna, but are we ignoring the words of Allah?

Allah will give many blessings to those who read the Quran. Don’t say it’s completely unreadable. The Rasrula Sararaf Araihi Wasalam Hadith mentioned above is rewarded for those who can read the Quran fluently, but even better for those who struggle to read God’s Word and do the same. I am teaching you something.

In this digital age, when the Internet is flooded with “teach it all yourself”, there is a lot of support that you can use to learn to read the Quran on your own. It does not happen in a day or a short period of time, but with effort and determination, you will eventually learn to read the words of Allah, which will give you a lot of rewards.

Put the Quran on your side before the turbulent day of Akira, the day that you are before Allah, the Creator of heaven and earth, and everything else.

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