What is the digital technology utilized in the film “The Aviator”?

What is the digital technology utilized in the film "The Aviator"?

What is the digital technology utilized in the film “The Aviator”?

The film “The Aviator” (directed by Martin Scorsese) starring Leonardo DiCaprio has been released throughout the country. Hollywood is about to enter the season for each film award, but the movie is already a hot topic and has been nominated.

“The Aviator” is a word that describes the average life of the real person Howard Hughes (1905-1976). Howard Hughes may not be familiar with Japan, but he is well known in his hometown of Los Angeles because he had his own building and an exclusive airstrip on the vast grounds of Playa Vista near the Los Angeles airport. Angels Howard Hughes is a young man who inherited the Hughes Tool from his parents and a wealthy man who inherited the legacy from him. He returned to Hollywood and did various jobs. Also, I loved airplanes, so I started an airplane production company by myself.
He was an “airplane bastard” who flew with a joystick and designed his own airplane for him. Also, he was a playboy who approached a famous actress.

In 1939 he became the owner of the now abolished TWA airline. He was a vibrant person who brought a reckless plan for international flights to the American aviation industry, where domestic flights were mainstream at the time, and he struggled to realize it, but he is tackling several issues.

This play shows Hughes from his youth to his later years, with Leonardo DiCaprio enthusiastically playing the role of Hughes now. A special preview of the film was recently held at the Hollywood Chinese Theater for members of the professional Hollywood film industry team, demonstrating how the film’s visual effects and digital technology can be harnessed. It was shown if that was done.
This content is not technically detailed as it is for live-action teams that do not specialize in digital, but from a “how digital tools are used in cinematic procedures” perspective. There was something very interesting. What is the digital technology utilized in the film “The Aviator”?

Now, let’s enter the content as “fast”.

○ 400 effect shots

Martin Scorsese was not very familiar with effects, but after deciding to make this movie, he learned new techniques and actively embraced it to make his vision come true. That is to say.

The director first invited the team Rob Legato, an Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor like Apollo 13. Rob Legato considered using the latest digital tools in the film-making process to maximize realistic effectiveness, balance costs. production and improve work efficiency.

In fact, the movie was a Hollywood movie with a huge budget, but the effects budget itself wasn’t that big.

Therefore, we adopt a “hybrid” method that combines the conventional miniature effect with high-end digital tools and CG tools that make full use of the latest technology.

The total number of effect shots exceeds 400, of which 70 main digital effects are assigned to Sony Pictures Imageworks and the mid-size computer cafe.

The other 300 takes were handled by smaller effects houses like DNA, Pixel Playground, Occam’s Razor, and Buzz, and production costs were managed well.

○ The small plane crash that was finished with excellent perfection

On the other hand, one of the characteristics of this work is the success of the traditional miniature shooting effect.

Especially in the scene where the small XF-11 plane crashes into a Beverly Hills residential area, the building is constructed with the traditional method of shooting the wings of a small 1/4 scale plane with a total length of 5 m at high speed. The “special effects” were made by.

The miniature of this plane is assembled based on the 3D modeled data, and there is also a doll-like DiCaprio whose face moves with a radio control in the cockpit (laughs).

Before shooting, I made a detailed forecast with CG and shot it carefully.

This shot is extremely powerful and immersive, nominated for the model and miniature category at this year’s 2005 VES (Hollywood Visual Effects Society) Awards, and is perfect for Hollywood effects people.

○ What Previs brought to the creation site by utilizing advanced devices

Rob Legato, along with effects editor Adam Gesuteru, has formed a team to oversee the effects produced by each effects house. Adobe products such as After Effects and Photoshop, which run on desktop PCs, are said to have played an important role on this computer.

A desktop environment that anyone can use for a short learning period makes the effects shot management process. What is the digital technology utilized in the film “The Aviator”?

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