What Is the Nikkah Ceremony in Islam?

What Is the Nikkah Ceremony in Islam?

The Muslim wedding, otherwise called the nikkah ceremony in Islam, is quite possibly the most praised event in Islam since marriage is a Prophetic convention. With more than 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe, the conventions followed at a wedding can contrast extraordinarily relying upon families, groups, and societies however the essentials of the nikkah function and getting hitched as a Muslim are consistently the equivalent.

What Is the Nikkah Ceremony in Islam?

The nikkah service is the Muslim wedding function. In the Islamic custom, the marriage contract is endorsed during the nikkah and it’s during this occasion that the lady and man of the hour state, “I do.”

Traditionally, the nikkah Ceremony regularly happens in a mosque and the pioneer or imam of the mosque directs the nikkah. Most couples will set up a period for the nikkah and welcome loved ones to go to the function. In the Islamic custom, the nikkah should be as basic as could reasonably be expected, so as not to put a monetary weight on the couple.

These days, it’s likewise regular to have the nikkah function either at a setting or at the lady of the hour’s home, and relying upon the family, the occasion can turn out to be very stylish as individuals will in general blend Islamic and Western conventions.

The Meaning of the Nikkah Ceremony

The nikkah is a strict service for a Muslim couple to be lawfully married under Islamic law. It’s a Prophetic convention and the solitary passable way that a man and lady can be hitched. This service makes the wedding official on the grounds that in Islamic custom it’s not reasonable for a couple to be private without a nikkah. The nikkah legitimizes the relationship before God and it’s the point at which the couple says, “I acknowledge.”

“Marriage in Islam is a gift,” says Imam Elturk, “and it is viewed as a significant piece of confidence.”


Imam Mustapha Elturk is the leader of the Islamic Organization of North America (IONA) in Warren, Michigan. He has administered many nikkahs for Muslim couples is extremely dynamic in the Muslim people group and is viewed as a pioneer and counsel.

Nikkah Ceremony Requirements

The Proposal

Similarly, as with any marriage, somebody needs to propose the nikkah cycle to begin. Imam Elturk clarifies that the lady or the man can make the proposition as long as the goal is for marriage. While in numerous societies, it is regularly more normal for a man to propose, in Islam the lady (or her family) can propose, “similar to the case with Khadijah, the principal spouse of the Prophet, harmony, and favors upon him,” Elturk says.

The Acceptance

The qubool is the acknowledgment of the proposition—yet you don’t need to state yes immediately. During the time between the proposition and the acknowledgment, the couple can meet the same number of times as they like to become more acquainted with one another as long as the gathering happens in broad daylight or inside nearness of an escort.

Imam Elturk consistently encourages couples to pose inquiries and check whether they’re viable during this time. When the two individuals choose they need to push ahead and make it official, the nikkah function can happen.

The Witnesses

For the nikkah, there must be at least two male observers that can bear witness to the way that both the lady and lucky man say, “I do” or “qubool” from their own choice and with no power from relatives or any other person. It should be the lady of the hour and the husband to be who concur.

The Mahr

The mahr is a required blessing from the lucky man to the lady of the hour that the lady or her family can ask for. As a rule, it is a single amount of cash that the lady of the hour chooses. On different occasions, the lady may request an excursion, gold, or anything she wishes. Obviously, she is urged to be reasonable and remember her future spouse’s pay. The mahr is likewise representative of the duty the man has for accommodating and dealing with his significant other.

The Wali

The wali is the dad of the lady who “parts with” his little girl. Imam Elturk clarifies that the wali gets the assent from the lady of the hour—he doesn’t give it for her sake without asking her. In the event that the dad is expired or there is some explanation that he can’t “walk her down the walkway,” so to state, at that point another male watchman or relative can take on that job.

The Nikkah

When all the prerequisites are met anybody can direct the nikkah function. The lady and husband to rehash “qubool” or “I acknowledge” multiple times. At that point the couple and the two male observers sign the agreement, which the imam can give or the couple can get their own, making the marriage lawful as per common and strict law.

Nikkah Ceremony FAQs

Do the lady of the hour and husband to be trade pledges?

Customarily, the lady and man of the hour don’t trade promises. Imam Elturk clarifies that the imam or officiant will frequently recount a section or several stanzas from the Quran, the Muslim sacred book, and give a short message, or khutba, now and again about the importance of marriage, the rights, and duties of the couple or a comparative theme.

Will the occasion be isolated?

In the event that the nikkah happens in the mosque, all things considered, people will be isolated during the service. The wali can acknowledge the nikkah and marriage contract for the lady of the hour all things considered. In any case, if the nikkah happens at a scene or at home, isolation regularly relies upon the couple’s way of life or level of strictness of the family.

What would it be advisable for me to wear?

Dressing fittingly for a nikkah is significant, particularly if the occasion is at a mosque. It’s smarter to dress officially however unassumingly. People should cover their legs and arms and ladies might be approached to wear a headscarf in a mosque. You can wear any shading you like yet visitors are urged to spruce up and celebrate with the couple. Try not to be hesitant to ask the lady or husband to be what they like.

Will there be music?

It’s probably not going to have music at a nikkah, particularly in the event that it is held at the mosque. Since it’s a strict occasion, music and moving aren’t excessively normal. In any case, a few families may have music if the occasion isn’t at the mosque or have delicate ambient sounds after the function is finished.

Will there be food?

Truly! It’s unprecedented for Muslims not to have food on any occasion. The occasion is at times separated into two sections if the function is held at the mosque, so desserts might be passed out quickly thereafter to commend the new association, and supper might be held at an alternate area. Contingent upon the family and their way of life, the kind of food may shift.

Will liquor be served?

No. Liquor is illegal in Islam so mixed beverages are infrequently (if at any point) served at any Muslim occasion.

Instructions to Plan a Nikkah Ceremony

When the couple has consented to get hitched, arranging a nikkah is like different occasions yet the main activity is to have all the strict necessities set up. Couples will frequently pick a date and choose the scene. In the event that the nikkah will be held at the mosque, get a period and date affirmed with the imam and welcome your loved ones. The couple additionally needs to choose if they will serve food at an alternate area.

On the off chance that the occasion isn’t at the mosque, ensure the imam or the officiant can be at the function for the wedding and possibly he brings a marriage agreement, or you furnish him with one.

Ask two male family members, frequently one from the lady’s side and one from the husband to be’s side, to be the observers and it’s ideal to settle on a mahr before the service too so there isn’t any disarray or clumsiness at the genuine occasion.

When all prerequisites are met, settle on stylistic theme and seating if the occasion is occurring at home. These days, nikkahs are vigorously impacted by the all-white wedding of the West, so couples will frequently utilize whites, creams, and golds for the stylistic layout, which looks basic and tasteful. Couples regularly want to have seating at the front of the fundamental corridor so visitors can confront them during the function. It’s likewise insightful to have a little table close by to use for marking the marriage record and desserts to pass out following the service.

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