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Will the latest science and technology develop humanity? Or do you screw it up?

Will the latest science and technology develop humanity? Or do you screw it up? It is a long title, but the original title is quite short, “SOONISH”. It seems to be a slang in English that means “soon”. There is a slightly terrifying subtitle, “Rapidly Evolving Technology Developing and Destroying Human Life.” Even before I read it, I think it’s a science book that deals with the latest science and technology at a fairly diagonal angle. There are 10 types of target technologies.

The authors are Mr. and Mrs. Wiener Smith. My wife Kelly wrote the manuscript and my husband Zack was in charge of the manga. Kelly is an expert in biosciences because she is a part-time bioscience professor at Rice University, Texas. I have a title. Zack is a single-frame manga artist who also draws manga in economic magazines like “Economist.” He seems to be a person who draws a slightly stronger manga than is often seen in American magazines.

Is the space elevator the trump card of space?

Space elevators will appear in the first “How to get to space economically”. Many may want to travel in space, but the drawbacks are safety and unreasonable costs.

When launched into a normal orbit 500 km above the ground, “80% of the weight is propellant (fuel + oxidant), 16% is the body of the rocket and the remaining 4% is luggage.” The thrusters are negligible in price, but the rocket itself accounts for most of the cost. Also, this is disposable. Thus was born the idea of recovering the rocket and reducing costs. So this book presents a few ideas, from reusable rockets to giant mega super guns and space elevators. Space elevators seem like a fascinating idea, but the downside is the materials used. Carbon nanotubes, a new material, are promising, but in 2013, 50 cm was the longest. Going into space is overwhelmingly short.

The reusable rocket is expected to be put into practical use

Currently, the most advanced is the reusable rocket that Tesla CEO Elon Musk, famous for electric vehicles, is paying attention to. It has already been put into practice and is expected to be used for space transportation as an alternative to the space shuttle. Others introduced are fusion energy, which seeks to create the sun on the ground, and bioprinting, which seeks to create new organs.

It seems a bit ridiculous, but the author seems to have interviewed an expert in this field and read the specialized literature, and the explanation is pretty solid. However, the brush strokes are quite difficult in general, so if he wants to know more about these areas, he should go directly to the reference at the end of the book. Will the latest science and technology develop humanity? Or do you screw it up?

Suitable for those who like black humor.

By the way, when I went to a large bookstore in the United States, I was surprised to find many science books and magazines. However, many of the books on enlightenment are of a type that can be called class B science, which is rarely seen in Japan, and manga with a slightly strong sense like this book are often seen.

It’s probably a scientific illustration book for Americans who love black humor and black jokes. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand how the latest science and technology is perceived in the United States. But that’s not necessarily a positive take on the latest science and technology, so it seems like you should read it at a discounted price. References at the end of the book (mostly in English) can be helpful to anyone interested in this area. I am thankful that these manuals have a clean and unusual index. Will the latest science and technology develop humanity? Or do you screw it up?

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